The lap desk of luxury

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The corner office of your dreams… right in your lap

Elegantly crafted and refined, Lagio has perfected the versatility of the lap desk, creating more than just a space for your laptop or tablet, but the perfect mobile desk for at-home work and entertainment.

Lagio’s ergonomic design brilliantly features concealed charging stations, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, smart device slots, cup and post-it holders, storage space, as well as unique air flow technology for dissipation of heat.

Lagio is the first truly innovative, modular lap desk of our generation, where accessories can be added or removed as needed for convenience, comfort and additional functionality.

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Premium, Modular Lap Desk

Lagio’s ergonomic design sits comfortably on your lap or propped up on any surface such as a couch, bed or chair.

The desk itself features a large space for writing or for your laptop, tablet or smart phone, mouse, a removable cup holder and Post-It™ note tray, as well as the options for Bluetooth speaker and LED light add-ons.

Inside Storage and Features

The Lagio storage compartment opens up to reveal a holding area for papers, cords, portable batteries, pens, styluses and other items.

Portable and rechargeable power banks inside Lagio charge your tablets, cell phones, LED lights as well as most laptops and any other electronic. 

The integral cable management feature allows for tight storage without unsightly and inconvenient cords.

Stowable, Extendable Legs

Lagio’s legs can be adjusted to fit the height of your workspace for improved posture and health. They can also be folded into a compartment for storage when they’re not needed. 

Featured Add-Ons

Lagio offers several unique add-ons, including heat dissipation webbing, a Bluetooth speaker system and USB connected LED lights, to fit your specific uses and comfort needs. The optional webbing, made from your choice of leather, lamb skin, faux fur or real fur, can clip into four holes on the bottom of your Lagio for additional comfort and cooling.

Sign up to win amazing prizes by joining our VIP community!