The total charging solution that can power six devices at once and be easily upgraded as technology changes

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The Most Convenient Charging Solution

Kurrent features a Qi wireless charging pad, a variety of interchangeable, built-in charging cables, USB ports and an AC power socket for laptops. Kurrent has everything you need to quickly and conveniently charge up to six devices, including your phone, iPad, wearables, headphones, and laptop… all at once.

To allow for constant technology updates, we designed Kurrent with upgradable charging cables that are easily replaceable to suit the latest generation of products.

With Kurrent, the unrivaled home or office accessory, you can finally cure “Low Battery Anxiety.”

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Kurrent

What Makes Kurrent So Unique?

Drop and Charge

The optional Qi wireless charging pad can be used with any compatible phone or case. The iPhone 8 is also rumored to have wireless charging when it comes out this fall!

Future-proof your Charger

Upgrade your connector cables as technology changes. With this innovative feature, you’re never obsolete.

The Swiss Army Knife of Chargers

Two built-in, interchangeable Apple Lightning and Micro USB cable connectors, USB-C compatibility, 2 x USB ports and an AC power source make Kurrent the ‘Swiss Army Knife of Chargers’.

Intuitive Alarm Feature – Backed up for Life

Thunderstorm proof – no reset needed after a power outage. There are also seven programmable major daylight savings time regions, dimming control options and a simple snooze button.

Sleek and Compact

The built-in, magnetic cables snap back when not in use to keep your bedside table or desk looking pristine.

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