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Jax & Bard introduces an entirely original sandal design that is as stylish and comfortable as it is responsible!

The Libby Hill Sandal is an easy-to-wear, versatile footwear option that refreshes the traditional sandal. The unique design, coupled with the rigid wood sole, stays with your feet as they move and reduce foot fatigue.

The majority of our shoes are made out of natural materials, addressing the issues surrounding our delicate environment’s plastic waste and unfair working conditions. With Jax & Bard, you’ll know the story behind how your sandals are made, leaving you wanting more than one pair. 

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Libby Hill Sandal

Our Libby Hill Sandal is made in China and assembled in Maine, USA.

The upper is polyester and knitted with just the right amount of stretch for a custom fit. Since it is knitted, there is virtually no waste, or expensive dyes — talk about responsible footwear!

The material on the bottom of the outsole is also a natural rubber. If you’re looking for a classic summer shoe, this one’s for you.

All-Natural Wood Base

Look good AND feel good while wearing these shoes.

Each sandal is made with all-natural wood bases — Maple from China or Acacia from Brazil. The wood is gently contoured for all-day comfort. Not to mention, this design relieves pain associated with toe joint issues.

Innovative Shape

Our Libby Hill Sandals are engineered to stay with your feet as you move, avoiding the irritating “flip-flop” sound typically produced.

Hip Style

Fashion plays a significant role in who we are as women and how we present ourselves to the world — traditional clogs and sandals do not give women the opportunity to demonstrate their style and most authentic self.

Say goodbye to the traditional “clunky” shape of clogs and hello to a younger, more hip style. Jax & Bard shoes are fun and much more elegantly styled, without being too trendy. These are the sandals you can feel good in, all while supporting meaningful global issues!

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