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Conquer Entertainment Presents the “It’s Lit” Tour

SHOW SOME LOVE! The “It’s Lit” Tour, featuring headliner Fat Joe, is coming to a city near you this summer. Until then, we’re launching a dope crowdfunding campaign where you can snag heavily discounted tickets, VIP backstage passes and more– you’ll also help decide which up-and-coming artists should open for Fat Joe. ?GET HYPE ?

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Before we launch our campaign, we’re giving away some super chill prizes, including backstage passes and a meet and greet with Fat Joe. Sign up using the box to the right, then share this contest and refer your friends to earn more points. If you end up with the most points at the end of the contest, you’ll win BIG TIME. If you’re one of the first campaign backers on Indiegogo, you’ll also receive up to 60% off of “It’s Lit” Tour tickets! You can view our terms and conditions here.

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Headliner Fat Joe

Latino rapper Fat Joe grew up in the South Bronx area of New York where he discovered the world of rap at a young age. Fat Joe has collaborated with everyone from members of the Wu-Tang Clan to Puff Daddy to Ludacris to French Montana. Arguably, his most notable hit came in 2004, when his terror squad crew killed the game with “Lean Back.” Since then, Fat Joe has been hit with 5 Grammy nominations and still continues to collaborate with big names like Remy Ma and DJ Khaled.

Support up-and-coming Artists

Alongside Fat Joe, the “It’s Lit” Tour will feature three supporting acts chosen by YOU. Only you can help us decide who will open for Fat Joe by getting the word out and voting through the merchandise & ticket perks that will be posted up on our “It’s Lit” Indiegogo page.

VIP Tickets

Still not sold?! You’d be missing out on the opportunity for some SERIOUS merch! We’re offering up some majorly discounted tickets, VIP backstage passes, one-on-one coaching services, PLUS the opportunity to meet the lineup of the “It’s Lit” Tour, including the one and only FAT JOE.

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