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The simplest way to introduce smart lighting to your home

Meet iRealm: The plugs that bring smart lighting to your home, without rewiring or complex installation. Using the iRealm Dimmer Plug 2.0 or the iRealm Smart Plug 2.0 is simple. Insert the wall plug into any outlet, plug anything you want to control — from table lamps to floor lamps, even fans and small appliances — into the wall plug, then use the tabletop touchpad to control a multitude of your home’s devices. The iRealm Dimmer Plug 2.0 includes dimming functions while the Smart Plug 2.0 can control on/off functions, dimming, timer scheduling, automatic night lights, emergency lighting and more.


The iRealm Touchpad

Conveniently place the touchpad for your iRealm Dimmer Plug 2.0 or iRealm Smart Plug 2.0 on a coffee table, nightstand, or anywhere else within arm’s reach. The touchpad allows you to fully operate your devices, lights, fans, appliances and more — no app required!

The iRealm Dimmer Plug 2.0 model includes a light dimmer and the iRealm Smart Plug 2.0 model includes on/off switching, dimming, soft lock, Wi-Fi connectivity, timer scheduling, nightlight mode, emergency lighting and other customizable features. Both models offer large touch control area and water-resistant surface.


The Wall Plug

The wall plug is easy to set up and even easier to use. Because it is connected to the touchpad through a thin cord, you simply plug it into any standard U.S. electrical outlet, plug in your light, then control your light via the tabletop touchpad or mobile app! iRealm does not require any rewiring or complex installation. Simply plug and use!

The Mobile App

The iRealm mobile app is the perfect companion to the iRealm Smart Plug 2.0 model. Use the mobile app to operate the smart plug, set the timer schedule, utilize the nightlight mode, control emergency lighting and other customizable features.

The iRealm mobile app allows multiple users to control lighting settings from their different devices if the touchpad is not within reach. It is user-friendly and compatible with iOS and Android devices.


iRealm is now available on Kickstarter!