Rethink the Way You Clean™

Just add h₂o for a feel-good way to clean.


Infuse™ by Casabella® is a new eco-friendly cleaning system designed to reduce single-use plastic containers & provide a non-toxic way to clean.

Infuse offers a sleek, refillable spray mop and everlasting spray bottles with an assortment of effective and non-toxic concentrated cleaning cartridges. These cartridges are small but mighty and come in a variety of fresh scents & formulas for all purpose, floor, bath, and glass cleaning.

The Infuse Spray Mop

The Infuse Spray Mop is a mop that you won’t be afraid to keep out. It’s sleek design features a SmartRefill™ reusable bottle, machine washable microfiber pad, and a low-profile sprayer mop head.

To use: simply fill the SmartRefill™ bottle with water, load your cartridge, let it diffuse, squeeze the easy-pull trigger once, twice, or three times (no judgement here!), and cast a wide spray of non-toxic cleaning power.


The Infuse Spray Bottle

The Infuse Spray Bottle may just be the last spray bottle you ever buy! We offer long-lasting SmartRefill™ bottles for all purpose, bath and glass cleaning. Ditch the single-use plastic bottles you normally purchase, refill, reuse and start reducing your eco-footprint with Infuse.

To use: simply fill with water, add your cleaning cartridge of choice, and squeeze the easy-pull trigger to cast a wide spray for easy cleaning.


Concentrated Cartridges

Our small concentrated cleaning cartridges are recyclable and responsible. Meaning we never test on animals or use any toxic ingredients containing carcinogens, parabens, phthalates, endocrine disruptors, or harsh mineral acids. Our cartridges use a bio-based SaferShine™ formula that is one part muscle and one part magic (yes, magic) offering a safer, more satisfying way to clean your home.

Infuse will also offer a full range of scents and formulas for all purpose, bath, glass, and floor cleaning.


Subscription Service

Never worry about having to take a trip to the store to buy single-use plastic bottles or refills and let’s be honest…who has space to store all of those bulky things?

The Infuse subscription service gives you the ability to receive recurring shipments of cartridges and microfiber pads straight to your door. You will have the choice for recurring shipments every 2 or 3 months, depending on how much you clean.