Leave Swiffer in the Dust!

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The Infiniti Cleaner is a revolutionary breakthrough in floor cleaning.

Featuring a patented cleaning cartridge system, dry and wet modes, and a larger cleaning surface, the Infiniti Cleaner helps you clean faster and more efficiently.

Plus, the new Infiniti Ultimate floor cleaning solution is Infiniti Clean’s antibacterial cleaner that features an EPA-approved ingredient to kill germs, bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 to bring you a new level of cleanliness.

Never Touch a Dirty Cleaning Pad Again

The Infiniti Cleaner’s patented cleaning cartridge system eliminates the need for single-use pads and the risk of touching germs and bacteria collected by the pads. One Infiniti Cleaning Cartridge replaces 24, four-inch cleaning pads.

By placing the Infiniti cleaning pads on a continuous roll, the Infiniti Cleaner wraps the dirt on the inside of the cartridge so you never have to touch a dirty or contaminated single-use cleaning pad again.

Get a Deeper Clean

The NEW Infiniti Ultimate floor cleaning solution features an EPA-approved ingredient to kill germs, bacteria and viruses, like COVID-19.

When used in conjunction with the Infiniti Cleaner, the Infiniti Ultimate floor cleaning solution helps to remove dirt and grime more effectively, giving your floors a deeper clean.

Clean More Space, Faster

The Infiniti Cleaner features a larger cleaning surface than other quick mops on the market, allowing you to clean more space, faster.

Easily and quickly switch between dry and wet modes to cover all of your cleaning needs. Stuck-on grime? Not a problem! The detachable cleaning brush gets rid of any hard-to-clean smudges on the floor.

A New Level of Cleanliness

Infiniti Clean’s new hand sanitizer and facial masks are designed to improve your level of cleanliness. The Infiniti Clean hand sanitizer features an alcohol content of 62%, which is above the EPA guidelines.

Infiniti Clean’s heavy-duty 5-ply facial masks are designed to give you ultimate protection.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Infiniti Clean reusable bottles are the easiest way to store and use your floor cleaning solution. Simply fill the Infiniti reusable bottle with any Infiniti cleaning solution, or your preferred cleaning solution, and connect the bottle to the Infiniti Cleaner to distribute the solution as you clean.

The Infiniti Clean reusable bottles can replace a year of refills from leading brands, reducing plastic waste.

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