Imagine, create and interact with your art through advanced VR technology

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Bring Your Creations To Life

Imagine that you could high five a mermaid you just colored or explore your version of Atlantis. With Imagine VR’s advanced virtual reality technology, you’ll be able to bring your paintings to life in ways you could never imagine.

With Imagine VR, you’ll color or paint in one of our two coloring books, use the mobile app to take a snapshot of your work and then place your smartphone in the provided VR goggles to experience your paintings in a way never before possible. You’ll be able to choose from two series. For adults, we have Imagine Atlantis and for children we have the Quest of the Marine Star.

People of all ages love to color, which is why we’ve designed a specific experience for everyone. Adults are able to de-stress and relax through the meditative practice of coloring, and Imagine VR takes their experience to a new level with virtual reality. Children have always enjoyed coloring, and we’re excited that we can enhance their experience, too, with the Quest of the Marine Star coloring book.

Immerse yourself and dive into a vibrant, 3D world with Imagine VR.

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The Perfect Blend of Technology and Art

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Adults, Immerse Yourselves In A Different Reality

Sometimes you need nothing more than to take a break from the responsibilities and hustle of everyday life. Designed for the busy adult looking to de-stress, Imagine Atlantis lets you take a break from reality by reinventing the legend of the sunken city. With 40 pages of breathtaking images to choose from, take yourself to the city under the sea where you can interact with the fish and mermaids from wherever you best unwind.

Expand Your Child’s Creativity

With Imagine VR, you can go beyond encouraging your children to “think outside of the box” or “color outside the lines.” They’ll create, color and immerse themselves in a marine world where they’re the hero. With six fun games, the Quest of the Marine Star coloring book for kids has 30 pages of inspiring images and creative coloring patterns that will have them develop their own story and expand their creativity beyond the scope of 2D.

Bring Your Art to Life

Bringing your art to life is easier than ever with Imagine VR. Whether you’re de-stressing after a long day of work or bringing your entire family’s creations to life on a Friday night, Imagine VR lets you experience your art like never before. Simply select a page, create your work of art and then take a snapshot using our mobile app. You’ll then place your smartphone into the goggles and watch your work transform from 2D images into an entirely new 3D animated world.

Relax & Inspire

Coloring has been used as a relaxation technique for adults and a creativity stimulator for children. Calm your nerves and reduce stress like never before with Imagine VR. As for your children, challenge them to play, interact and experience their art in a way that they never thought was possible.

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