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Experience a better bedtime

Hush Buddy is a science-based sleep training system that teaches your toddlers to fall asleep quickly and quietly — turning your exhausting bedtime routine into more sleep for your kids and more “me time” for you.

Hush Buddy’s storybook establishes a friendship between Whisper, the intelligent night light, and your toddler to familiarize them with a new sleep routine. Whisper glows brightly when they are quiet, but dims briefly when they cry out.

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Three Key Components


After your toddler takes their bath, brushes their teeth, puts on pajamas and jumps into bed, or whatever your bedtime routine may be, it’s important to let them know it’s time for rest.

Our patented three-part sleep guidance system enforces healthy bedtime routines for children between the ages of two and four.


Hush Buddy includes a friendly storybook to read with your little one. This bedtime story helps form an imaginative bond with Whisper and teaches your toddler that Whisper is a friend who needs quiet in order to glow.

This critical component in the Hush Buddy Sleep System allows you to transition ownership of any Sleep Onset Disorder. After the story ends, you’re free to gracefully leave your child’s room. Be sure to wish your child and Whisper goodnight!


Once you leave the room, Whisper reacts in a manner as told through the storybook.

If your little one begins to cry, Whisper will temporarily dim its glow. If you’re using our most intelligent setting — progressive dimming — the more your child cries, the longer the dim will last. This reaction rewards positive behavior, draws attention to negative behavior and utilizes light as a peaceful way to assist with modified graduated extinction behavior therapy.

Amber Colored Light

Colored lighting is important when it’s time to wind down – that goes for both parents and toddlers!

Whisper emits an amber colored light so as not to suppress the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Thanks to Whisper, your toddler can soundly fall asleep with a warm, gentle glow in their room – as long as the room is quiet.

Easy Setup with Baseline Ambient Sound

Whisper automatically detects and adjusts to a room’s baseline ambient sound. First, turn any fan or white noise machine on before setting up Whisper. From there, plug the power cable into the back of Whisper and the other end into the power supply.

Wait quietly for three seconds as Whisper adjusts to the low or high level ambient sound in the room. Once Whisper blinks three times, it’s calibrated!

Multiple Dimmer Settings

After you leave the room, Whisper will continue to softly glow if your child stays quiet. If your child begins to cry, Whisper will dim in a default interval of two seconds. You can also opt for longer intervals.

The progressive dimming setting allows parents to increase the length of time in which Whisper dims should your little one have a hard time falling asleep. This setting dims Whisper’s glow in intervals of two, four or six seconds.

Thoughtful Design

Whisper was thoughtfully designed to sit neatly on a nightstand, desk, shelf, etc. Whisper won’t move or play music, avoiding any sort of stimulation — our main goal is to get your child to sleep as efficiently as possible.

Whisper is also the perfect size to take with you on vacation, to grandma’s house, sleepovers and more!

“How to Give your Toddler Better Bedtimes”

This informative guide for you, the parents, focuses on structure, the dos and don’ts of using the Hush Buddy Sleep System, and some pretty cool information on sleep science.

Available in both English and Spanish, this guide educates and empowers you to create an optimal bedtime routine and provides strategies for when your toddler resists bedtime.

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