Highlight your high life!

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Elevate Your Stash

HoverStash is a high-end, gravity-defying display case that allows you to prominently show off your beautiful stash.. getting the appropriate oohs and ahhs!

Utilizing a magnetic field, magnification lenses and LED lights, your stash hovers! The StashCube rotates above a sleek base, displaying your items from every angle.

You have a wine rack for your wine, a beer fridge for your beer, and a liquor cabinet for your liquor. If it’s legal, why hide it? 

Highlight your highlife!







Magnetic Field Technology

The durable, clear acrylic StashCube rotates and floats, using a magnetic field, prominently showing off your beautiful stash from all angles.

Display your herb in a unique and stylish way.

LED Lights

LEDs on the base illuminate the StashCube, lighting up your
premium stash for all to appreciate!

3.5x Magnifying Lenses

Three magnifying lenses on StashCube enhance the beauty of your stash, revealing eye-catching details from all angles!

Rechargeable Battery

HoverStash has a 14-hour battery life that fully recharges in just 1.5 hours.

Battery operated or plugged in, it’s impressive on any countertop, bar or table.

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Highlight your high life!

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