The smallest gym in the world

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Train whenever and wherever you want

Build strength and muscle without lifting weights! Handy Gym uses inertial technology to train your body with resistance, which leads to a more effective workout overall — tone your muscles, strengthen your body, prevent injuries, improve your posture and ultimately lose weight.

Built-in activity sensors connect with a mobile app via Bluetooth to monitor your performance and display your results in real time.

Now, you can perform 200+ powerful exercises, all from one portable fitness accessory.

Inertial Technology (220lb of Power)

Handy Gym works in an entirely different way compared to traditional strength training. This unique method of training manages to develop muscle in all phases of movement, including both concentric and eccentric movements, to help prevent injuries.

The device comes with a flywheel that supports movements in two directions. When you pull the strap upwards, the concentric movement is performed. This is subsequently followed by pushing the strap downwards. You must hold it tightly without freely letting it go as the strength of the flywheel increases. This is when the eccentric movement is performed.


Built-in Sensors

THIS is what smart training is all about!

Handy Gym’s built-in sensors communicate with the app to monitor your performance. You can track the calories that you burn, the time that you spend training, and the strength that you used in real time. Having access to this information can improve the quality of your future workouts.

Three Interchangeable Inertia Discs

Whether you want to get in shape, build strength, or even if you need to perform at-home rehabilitation exercises, Handy Gym is the right device for you.

Choose from three interchangeable discs — yellow, blue or red — for lighter or stronger inertia levels. The discs are all extremely light, but the exercise is not about the actual lifting of them. The resistance levels that apply will depend on the inertia level of the disc that you choose to train with!

Lightweight, Portable Size

In just 30 seconds, you can start training at any time and any place.

Each rope, ring, button and handle all work together to provide you with the perfect portable gym experience. Handy Gym is exceptionally compact, making the greatest on-the-go gym that the elite athlete within you always wanted. The system weighs 800gr./28oz. total and is very small in size. Take it with you anywhere, and train when you want, as it can fit in your suitcase or backpack!

Mobile App for Smartphones

What happens when you’re not feeling too creative while exercising? Handy Gym helps you perform hundreds of exercises, all at the touch of a finger. Pair your smartphone with our Bluetooth-enabled mobile app, and you will be guided through all of the strength building, functional and rehabilitation exercises that this device offers you. Individually work your dorsal, biceps, triceps, quads, chest, shoulders, glutes and abs, or perform a full body workout! The options are endless.

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