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Wirelessly charge your phone without having to remove your PopSocket!

Designed to work with a PopSocket attached to the back of your phone, GripDockIt ensures your phone is flush with the wireless charger for a seamless charging experience.

Available in a desktop version and a car version, you can wirelessly charge your phone whenever, wherever.

Conforms to Any PopSocket Accessory

GripDockIt is designed to fit PopSockets attached to the back of your phone, like a puzzle piece.

This flexibility allows your phone to be flush with the charger, so it can charge wirelessly without removing the PopSocket. Never worry about choosing between your fun accessories and quick, easy charging!

Convenient Desktop Charger

With GripDockIt, you never have to choose between your PopSocket and wireless charger!

GripDockIt’s desktop charger fits perfectly on any desk, nightstand or table. Simply place your smartphone on the charger so that the PopSocket fits into the grip for simple and convenient charging.

No PopSocket? No problem. The GripDockIt desktop charger works just like any other wireless charger, so you can charge with or without your PopSocket accessory.

On-the-go Car Charger

Perfect for those on the go, the GripDockIt wireless car charger simultaneously holds or mounts your phone while charging it wirelessly. This version comes with a flush mount that holds your phone securely in place while you drive.

The wireless car charger will backlight your phone so you can easily find it in the dark too!

Smartphone Compatibility

Stay connected with GripDockIt.

GripDockIt wireless chargers are compatible with all Android devices and any iPhone after the 8+.

Use GripDockIt’s desktop charger to charge your phone with or without your PopSocket attached, so you can conveniently charge your phone however you want and whenever you want.

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