Good behavior… it’s about time

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Make time for good behavior!

Encourage your children to improve their behavior through the use of dynamic positive reinforcement, engaging games, and exciting incentives.

With Goodtimer, raise children who are respectful, independent and responsible while offering a rewarding experience for the entire family.

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The goal of Goodtimer is for your child to earn “Goodtime” by making good choices and following your family’s house rules.

When your child makes a good choice, they may simply turn the device right side up, and the lights on both sides of Goodtimer’s body illuminate, a positive sound plays through integrated speakers and it begins tracking Goodtime.

As your child uses Goodtimer, they will unlock tokens, new graphics, colors and sounds, further encouraging them to exhibit positive behavior and engage with Goodtimer.

Token Incentives

Goodtimer comes with 25 reusable token incentives with different numeric values (1, 2, 5) to give children a form of tangible positive reinforcement and get them excited to “win” at good behavior.

These tokens may be saved and exchanged for other incentives that can be decided on by you and your family. For example, your family may allow your child to exchange 5 tokens to decide what movie the family watches on movie night.

The Goodtime Children’s Book

Goodtimer comes with a children’s book for the family to read together. The story includes Goodtimer’s fun backstory, personality, and the reasons why it’s here to help your child grow and succeed.

Durable Design

Goodtimer has an impact-resistant body with integrated handles that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life with children.

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