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GO by Headzone is an elegant, compact makeup mirror illuminated by an adjustable LED light panel. With an incredible range of natural sunlight settings — from cool to warm — you’ll always look flawless, even when you’re on the go.

Designed by optical experts, GO incorporates the latest lighting technology into your beauty routine for a brighter light that doesn’t blind you or cause glare and shadows.

Expertly-designed LED Panel

An expertly-designed LED panel incorporates soft, diffused light to eliminate the harsh glare and shadows that are created by LEDs and light strips found on many ring lights and mirrors. GO’s LED panel allows for a brighter light that doesn’t blind you while it’s in use.

The light is built above the mirror, not into it, allowing you to position your lighting independently… and it also mimics the direction of light in the real world.

11 Color Settings & 11 Brightness Settings

11 highly accurate light color settings provide a complete range of natural sunlight — from soft and warm to bright and vibrant. You’ll be able to see your true colors for flawless touch-ups regardless of the ambient lighting around you. 11 brightness settings provide a range of 25-385 lux so you can adjust the amount of light to what works best for you.

When you’re done, your previous light settings are always saved.

Gorgeous Materials

GO’s mirror is perfect for applying makeup or getting ready on the go. It offers incredibly clear, 1x magnification, and it’s made with high quality, color-rich materials.

Elegant Design

GO’s brushed aluminum lid, scratch-resistant aluminum top and soft-touch chassis make it an elegant accessory for any car, purse or makeup bag.

GO is available in three colors: Silver, Rose Gold, or Pale Gold.


Rechargeable Battery That Lasts 5 Hours

GO comes equipped with a USB cable for charging GO in the home, on the road or at any location with the utmost ease.

The charging indicator light glows red when it’s charging, yellow when the battery capacity is less than 20% and green when it’s fully charged. GO also runs for 5+ hours at full brightness on a single charge without dimming!

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