Manage your active life with a sleek, high-tech bracelet

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The new way to stay connected and in control

Get™ is a high-tech bracelet developed with bone-conduction technology that allows you to securely make payments, privately listen to audio content and text messages, and answer phone calls — while also tracking your physical activity and biometrics.

Configured with gesture recognition and a vocal interface, get™ brings you quick and effective communication and immediate control of smart devices, all without a screen.


Thanks to the use of innovative bone conduction technology and a microphone, by simply bringing your finger to your ear, you can listen to just about anything you’d normally be able to listen to on your phone or through headphones — social and email notifications, audio and text messages and even answer phone calls.

The get™ bracelet decodes sound waves and converts them into vibrations that can be received directly by your ear’s cochlea, without the use of your eardrum. Get™ also has advanced vocal coordination to make interactions with vocal assistants, like Alexa, Siri and Google, easier than ever.

With get™, your voice is completely in control.


Get™ uses biometric tracking to monitor your physical activity and generate statistics like amount of calories burned and if you should spend more or less time exercising. It is perfect for those who like to run, bike, canoe or take fitness classes. Get™ uses that biometric data to notify you when it’s time to do routine functions such as drink water or take a quick activity break.

Get™ also tracks your sleep cycles and can notify you when it’s time to wake up or go to sleep. Our technology merges your sleep activity with your biometric parameters, allowing you to always be at your best.


Get™ provides completely secure contactless payments using NFC technology and your biometric fingerprint authentication for each transaction. Customizable to your specific needs, our device works with all networks.

Credit card details are safely stored inside your wristband, so pickpocketing can’t get™ them out. In addition, get™ provides unfasten detection, which auto locks credit cards and personal info when the bracelet is taken off. No one else but you can use your get™, but you do have the ability to set up multiple users.


Because get™ doesn’t have a touch-display or buttons, it uses gesture recognition to interpret your instructions. This gesture control feature allows Get™ to control specific mobile apps. Unique motion sensors allow you to switch between songs, power your smart TV on or off, adjust your Alexa volume or even flip channels.

Get™ uses haptic vibrations, sounds, and LED signals to provide personal, discrete feedback and notifications to you. Feedback is especially useful when communicating navigation directions. Whether you’re driving, running, hiking or biking, get™ can help you get you there. For example, the band will vibrate once to tell you to turn right and two times to let you know to turn left.

Italian design and materials for optimal function

Get™ introduces an Italian-inspired product that uses an innovative, clean and environmentally friendly welding process. The bracelet is uniquely made with hi-tech fabrics to be seamless, ultralight, and waterproof up to 10 meters deep. We used an original, patented technique to make several layers of durable, laminated fabric into one perfect band.

The battery lasts up to five days on a single charge and takes only one hour to fully charge. Simply drop it on its wireless dock, and you’ll be good to go in no time.

Now available on Kickstarter