The ultimate portable and smokeless cooking station

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Being the designated chef doesn’t mean you have to leave the party

Enki Stove Hob is a portable outdoor cooking station that is easy to ignite and guarantees a smokeless, safe and long-lasting flame for the perfect grilling experience.

The base of the cooking station uses pyrolysis to extract gas contained in wood sticks or pellets and burn it more efficiently, preventing the emission of smoke, keeping the environment clean and your family healthy. Whether you use it in your garden, terrace, at a tailgate or on your next family vacation, you can set the cooking station directly on your table and safely barbecue alongside your guests.

Grill your food, perfectly

Enki Stove Hob uses wood pellets and wood sticks in a patented pyrolysis process to perfectly grill your food, guaranteeing a smokeless, safe, long-lasting flame.

You won’t have to worry about frequently reigniting your pellets or sticks. Enki Stove Hob will stay lit with a single wood pellet for about 40 minutes.

 Safely ignite and control your fire

Enki Stove Hob’s pyrolysis process changes the chemical composition of the wood to safely ignite fire and cook in a controlled atmosphere, unlike typical gas or charcoal grilling systems.

The pyrolysis process, in addition to a manual flame control, gives you full control with minimal emissions. 

Efficiently manage temperature

Enki Stove Hob features a manual flame control to adjust your fire off-grid. It’s also equipped with a lever to control the intensity of the flame. 

This heat precision (up to 200 degrees) lets you perfectly grill your delicious burgers, steaks, hot dogs, chicken, fish or vegetables at your desired temperature.

Easy-to-use system

It’s simple — insert the wood pellets into the tank, ignite them and place the plate on top. Select the temperature for each plate with the lever and you’ll be ready to cook in just a few minutes. When you’re done, you can wash Enki Stove Hob with soap and water or just put it in the dishwasher.

Built to last

Enki Stove Hob is made of Stainless Steel AISI 403 that transfers heat gradually and naturally, protecting the nutritional value of food. The bottom plate is made of die-cast aluminum.

Plus, Enki Stove Hob can be used on tables and won’t cause any damage.

Now available on Kickstarter!