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Propel your senses to the next level

Express and enjoy your sensuality with Effleure. This luxury underwear is infused with long-lasting essential oils to help you feel sexy and confident.

Flaunting scents of dark chocolate, french vanilla, black coconut or lavender will not only attract a mate, but will also evoke the force you were put on this earth to be.

Infused with Fragrance and Essential Oils

Readily accepted in the beauty and skincare industry, essential oils offer numerous health benefits. Why not incorporate them into a woman’s everyday staple item?

Effleure’s dark chocolate, french vanilla, black coconut and lavender scents will retain their strength and last through multiple washes. Not to worry — all of our ingredients are free of heavy metals and known carcinogens. This means that the essential oils are completely safe and shouldn’t irritate your skin.

Made with a Tencel/Spandex Blend

Whether preparing for a night out on the town or a night in with Netflix, you will be provided with the softest, most luxurious feel. This level of comfort can’t be duplicated!

Packaged in Scented Candle Boxes

Effleure’s special packaging smells good too! Our scented packaging gives the product time to reinforce its scent in order to keep your pair’s scent as strong as when purchased.

Available in Two Styles

Choose from two styles that come in five sizes in the most classic color — black.

Bikini and g-string styles are offered to give you the opportunity to feel confident in whichever you may choose.

P.S. Stay on the lookout for another gorgeous style that may be released after the campaign launches!

Only available on Kickstarter!