JUULing made easy for those on the go

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Why put life on pause to charge?

Amazing charging power for both your JUUL and iPhone — right inside your phone case.

With its innovative, slim design, Duo Charging Case keeps your JUUL and an extra JUUL pod in one convenient place, so it’s always charged and ready to use wherever you go, whenever you need it.

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Get over 40% off when we launch!

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Dual Charging Capability

Charge your JUUL and iPhone simultaneously with Duo Charging Case. Its 3000mAh battery can charge your JUUL from dead to charged up to four times, and your iPhone once!

To make it even simpler, this practical case uses your traditional iPhone charger to charge itself. Seamlessly charge your case, JUUL and iPhone all at the same time overnight and have a full charge on each device by morning!

Functional JUUL Storage Compartment

The car. The bar. Your back pocket. These are all common places to lose your JUUL — not anymore!

What better way to keep your JUUL on your person at all times than attaching it to your iPhone? Simply snap your JUUL into the separate compartment for convenient access whenever you need it, wherever you go.

Extra Pod Storage

How can you enjoy Party Mode if your pod is out of juice? Duo Charging Case offers a handy storage compartment that allows you to have an extra pod on hand at all times.


Protective Phone Case

Not only does Duo Charging Case create a new level of convenience for JUUL users, it also creates a new level of protection. Its slim, yet durable, design shields both your JUUL and your iPhone through minor drops or knocks.

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