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Keep your pet entertained for hours
…right from your couch!

DogGone Fishin’ is the first fully interactive pet toy that allows you to play with your pet, without getting up off the couch. Simply use the fishing rod to cast toys to your dog or cat and reel them back in for playtime that is fun for them and easy for you! 

DogGone Fishin’ is also great for certain limited mobility folks for continued human pet play interaction.

We know our pets need a lot of attention, so give them the exercise they need with DogGone Fishin’.

Fully-Functioning Fishing Pole

DogGone Fishin’ includes a fully functioning fishing pole. Just as you would cast a line into the water and reel it back in when fishing at your favorite lake spot, DogGone Fishin’ allows you to do the same when playing with your pet.

Our fishing line is created differently than a typical fishing line; it’s designed to be entirely pet-friendly and safe to play with.

Interchangeable Toys

Keeping your high energy dog or cat engaged at all times can be a challenge. DogGone Fishin’ includes interchangeable toys that can be swapped out to keep your pet excited and happy without having to purchase an entirely new toy.

Quick Release Feature

Finally, the relaxation and fun attributed to fishing can be incorporated into playtime with your pet!

DogGone Fishin’ includes a quick-release component that resembles live fishing, so you can stay put and hang out while your dog or cat does all of the running, jumping and playing.

Swivel Movement

It’s time for your pet to learn some new tricks. Dogs and cats can surprise us with their willingness to be active and try new things. The swivel component in DogGone Fishin’ allows your dog to try just about any movement while providing continuous support.

Weather Resistant

DogGone Fishin’ is not only for indoor use; weather-resistant materials allow you to play with your pet outside in any weather condition.

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