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Meet the first two-in-one
micro-adjustable belt

The Craftmark Belt by Barnns is the world’s first reversible leather belt with a smart locking system that ensures the perfect fit for ultimate comfort.

With the Craftmark Belt, you’re able to make micro-adjustments to create a custom fit, and switch from exquisite vegetable-tanned leather to classic cowhide Saffiano leather in an instant. The smart locking system has been refined through several tests to perfect its grip and prevent any slippage.

With an array of interchangeable high-quality leather belt bodies and durable stainless steel buckles to choose from, you can create a belt that suits any event effortlessly and never sacrifices style.

Micro-adjustable Smart Locking System

Craftmark’s smart-locking stainless steel buckle allows for a micro-adjustable custom fit for any individual, ensuring ultimate comfort.

Say goodbye to unpleasant looking wrinkles caused by a traditional pin buckle and holes. The buckle is made from stainless steel that guarantees added durability and corrosion resistance.

*Easily shorten your Craftmark Belt to your desired length with a simple scissor cut.


Switch looks between business meetings and dinners with just one belt.

The Craftmark Belt’s easy-twist magnetic system makes this all possible. You can easily swap between premium hand stained vegetable-tanned leather and sophisticated cowhide Saffiano leather, to suit any occasion, with a swivel of the buckle.

Premium, Vegetable-tanned Leather

We source our leather carefully and only use premium-quality, durable, natural leather to ensure great performance.

Vegetable-tanned leather is one of the most natural and environmentally friendly ways leather can be produced. It is the true “chromium-free” method and does not use harmful chemicals. It is an artisanal process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species by using the barks, branches, leaves, and even some fruits.

Craftmark Belts will age beautifully over time like fine wine.


Patina is a unique and beautiful characteristic of genuine leather marked by the gradual and natural darkening of vegetable-tanned leather over time with use and exposure.

No patina is the same, making each Craftmark Belt truly unique and personal to every proud owner.

High-quality Saffiano Leather

Stylish and high-quality Saffiano leather was chosen with versatility and class in mind.

Rock this look to a sophisticated, urbane, elegant and sleek event.


The Craftmark Belt can be more than just two belts in one…

Create your own unique belts that match your style using an array of interchangeable leather belt bodies and quality stainless steel buckles from the collection.

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