The perfect storm of offensive hilarity

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The card game that ends in roaring laughter, broken friendships, or divorce

Have you ever been at a party, playing card games and thought, “this is f**king weak”? Composure is the ultimate card game that dares you to come up with outlandish ideas or controversial truths to measure who can discuss challenging topics without squirming.


This adult card game challenges you and your friends to reveal your “true-self” using topics of sexuality, race, history, religion, socio-economics, kindness, brutality, and many other categories. Each game should end in roaring laughter, broken friendships or divorce, and if it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong.

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Here’s What People Are Saying About Composure

Really F**king Big Card Deck + Additional Chips

Composure comes with 300 cards and 100 game chips, so you can play for as long as it takes to ruin your friendships.


Players add chips to the pile if they are too weak and can no longer keep their composure, and only true savages will receive chips when they successfully keep their composure. If you’re giving more chips away than you’re receiving, you should probably check out Apples to Apples. Seems more your speed.

One of The Hardest Games You’ll Ever Play

We aren’t holding back with this game. Players can expect card topics to cover sexuality, race, history, religion, socio-economics, kindness, brutality, and many other categories. You’ll laugh your a$$ off, but it may ruin your friendships, and if that doesn’t interest you, then GTFO!

Suggested Rules

  1. Each player starts with 10 chips and 10 cards
  2. 1-by-1 players challenge each other to answer the cards
  3. If you break composure, you pay the pot
  4. If you keep composure, you earn from the pot
  5. You must participate in the conversation to earn or pay
    *The question owner is immune from paying pot
  6. The game ends when all cards have been used or it’s time to go
  7. The winner has the most points or chips

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