Curated fun without the screen

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Designed for kids, approved by parents

Codi is an AI-enabled toy that provides children with customized interactive content and developmental support outside of the classroom. Using hundreds of songs, stories, and lessons, Codi incorporates audio with visual cues based on classic content that parents can trust. With Codi, your child is always engaged and entertained while learning!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Codi

Curated Content

Codi comes with access to hundreds of classic songs, stories and lessons for free. And, Codi’s Wi-Fi connectivity ensures you always have access to new, premium content that will be released often. Codi’s artificial intelligence learns from a child’s usage patterns to become more personalized and deliver a customized experience based on each individual child’s age, interests and ability.

Expressive Audio Interaction

Codi communicates through a real, highly expressive voice to ensure engagement and entertainment, while cutting down on potentially negative screen time.

Codi Mobile App

Codi provides full parental control and transparency into your child’s developmental progress via an accompanying mobile app. With the app, you’re are able to administer lessons, set up useful tools (such as leaving your child a voicemail), guide your child through important habits (like brushing their teeth!) and teach your child through engaging interactions.

Cute, Kid Friendly Design

Standing at 8.5 inches tall, Codi is made with high-quality, stain-resistant ABS Plastic and soft, food-grade silicone to withstand years of love. All product materials are safety tested to ensure compliance with the strictest children’s product standards. Codi’s design was hand-picked using real feedback from children and parents. Each Codi comes with one standard outfit; additional outfits will be available for purchase.

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