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The Wine Experience Reinvented

Wine and outdoors should be the perfect combination — but you might encounter glass restricted areas, you’ll need to bring supplies like cups and a bottle opener, and trash disposal is inconvenient. If you try to enjoy in the summer heat, you’ll wish you could keep your bottle cool by putting it on ice.

Imagine there is a solution that solves these problems. The solution would satisfy the most demanding wine lovers and intrepid adventurers.

As avid wine drinkers and outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted to make it easier to enjoy wine outdoors, without compromise. After two years of research and development, our team at Carivino is ready to showcase something amazing. Some are calling our new product a game changer, a paradigm shift, and the coolest wine drinking innovation to come along in years.

Whether you’re taking a day trip, heading to the beach, the top of a mountain, or venturing far off the beaten path, you can now enjoy wine outdoors, without compromise. We give you more than just the bare essentials like a shatter-proof design, full-bottle capacity, and wine glasses — we’ve incorporated premium features like aeration, a ceramic coating, a cork pull, and vacuum insulation to give you all day temperature control.

All in one design – everything you need – elegant simplicity.

Wine without limits.

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Any wine, anywhere…easy as 1-2-3

Full Bottle Capacity, All-Day Performance and Vacuum Insulation

Let’s face it… getting up that hill can take longer than expected, but the view is worth it. Celebrate that perfect moment with wine. Carivino makes it easy with a full bottle capacity and all-day temperature control.

No matter how hot or cold your destination, the double-wall construction and vacuum insulation keeps your wine the same temperature of when it was poured. We take quality taste seriously, which is why we use an advanced ceramic coating to ensure your boldest reds and delicate whites will stay fresh. Taste the wine, not the container.

Aeration On Demand

Why aeration? Wine needs to breathe, but not all day. The right amount of aeration helps to create a smooth, refined, and delicious taste to the wine.

Carivino engineered a venturi-style aeration system inside the neck. Get the best method of aeration automatically as you pour. Enjoy the aroma and delicious taste in every glass with our patented venturi-style design.

Nesting Wine Glasses with Optional Stems and Cork Pull

The perfect wine experience needs wine glasses – not red party cups. Carivino developed a unique set of beautiful, shatterproof, Tritan™ wine glasses that nest cleverly inside the base of the bottle. You have the choice of two styles: contemporary stemless or traditional with a stem.

With innovative design and magnets, the choice of tumbler or stem is always yours. Each glass has a separate stem that quickly snaps to the base of the glass. When it’s time to pack up, your glasses are protected from rubbing together with a stackable storage method. Additionally, our thoughtful design includes a cork pull tucked away in the base.

Shatterproof Experience, Amazing Engineering and Exquisite Details

Our team is passionate about wine and the outdoors — you shouldn’t have to compromise to enjoy them together. Carivino preserves the cherished act of pouring wine from the bottle into a wine glass. The Carivino experience begins with a beautiful bottle and ends with no trash left behind. 

All in one design – everything you need — elegant simplicity.

Wine without limits.

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