Care & Rewear Power Freshener
Effortless refresh and care for your clothes in
between washes

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Saving you time, energy and money, one less load of laundry at a time.

Care and Rewear Power Refresher is a handheld, plug-in device that combines forced, heated air and a revitalizing spray for clothes that have been previously worn, but don’t quite require washing.

Both convenient and effective, Care and Rewear Power Refresher freshens your clothes using Odor Blasters, eliminates wrinkles and smooths and conditions your clothing to “just-washed freshness” — all without using the washer.

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Take the survey for your chance to win!

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Here’s what Care & Rewear can do for you:

Dual action system

Care and Rewear Power Refresher combines forced, heated air, like a hair dryer or steamer, with a revitalizing spray to remove wrinkles, freshen and soften fabrics.

This dual action system incorporates your favorite features of a steamer and a deodorizing spray into one easy-to-use device.

Forced, heated air

By using forced, heated air, Care and Rewear Power Refresher is able to deeply penetrate the revitalizing spray into the fabric. This creates an “instant steam effect” to release wrinkles and make creases disappear.

The heated air is of the same quality and provides the same benefits of a standard handheld steamer, without the requirement of filling a water vessel.

Revitalizing spray

The revitalizing spray softens your fabrics by smoothing and conditioning the fibers. It also helps release wrinkles so your clothes won’t have the “previously worn” look.

The spray formula is housed in a refillable pod, and each pod will last for 3-4 garments. The spray contains odor blasters that leave behind a light and fresh scent.

Tell us what you think! We’re giving six lucky winners a VISA gift card (up to $250)