Bringing you calmness when you need it most

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Natural, soothing simplicity

Calming Pebble is a small, simple object that fits perfectly in your hand to help you feel soothed and comforted in challenging and worrisome moments. With a smooth indent to conveniently place your thumb, the pebble provides calmness and peace of mind, anytime, anywhere.

Squeezing the pebble activates the muscles of your hand and wrist, and releasing your grip allows your muscles to relax. The repeated pattern of grip and release alleviates tension and stress, perfect for those dealing with anxiety, nervousness, ADHD, sensory issues and more.

Decrease mental distress and boost feelings of mindfulness, presence, and focus.

Ergonomic design

The Calming Pebble fits comfortably in any size hand and lays flat when not in use. It has a perfectly sized indent to conveniently rest your thumb — providing calmness and peace of mind, anytime, anywhere.

Pleasing natural colorways

The Calming Pebble is offered in three nature-inspired neutral colorways:

  • Cloud white is pureness in your pocket
  • Moon grey is natural simplicity
  • Shadow black is as serene as night

Perfect size and shape

The pebble is 45.5mm x 57.4mm x 21.5mm and weighs 84 grams. The thumb indent is 23.9mm x 32.2mm Depth: 2.8mm. The pebble is made of elegant marble.

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