Buster: Protecting your privacy

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You deserve peace of mind

Buster’s webcam sticker and microphone jammer protect your privacy and give you the peace of mind you deserve by securing your devices against online hackers.

Thanks to nano-suction technology, Buster offers the most secure webcam stickers out there, shielding your phone, laptop, security camera and credit cards from cyber piracy and illegal recordings. Paired with our webcam stickers, our metallic microphone jammers fit into the socket of your devices so sound can not be recorded.

Webcam Stickers

Covering your webcam is the easiest way to protect yourself from cyberattacks and online hackers. Buster’s nano-suction technology works by creating a vacuum gap on any nonporous surface, without the use of glue or liquid, leaving no residue. In fact, this technology cleans the surface with every use and protects it from scratches or damage.

The stickers come in two sizes to fit almost any device including cell phones, laptops, security cameras and more. They are 100% waterproof and washable, guaranteeing usage of up to 25,000 times!

Microphone Jammers

Every day, our devices threaten our privacy by recording us against our will… but are we doing anything about it?

If you’re concerned about others listening in on your private conversations, use Buster to block audio input in any device. Simply plug it into your device and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Made of high-strength aluminum, our microphone jammer is corrosion proof and water resistant. It fits most devices, including smart devices, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, with a 3.5MM jack.

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