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Gentle comfort supported by science

Feeling stressed? Can’t fall asleep? Bravo Blanket can help. Bravo Blanket is an innovative weighted blanket with a patent pending design that makes you sleep faster and better than ever before, so you wake up refreshed every morning.

Universities and scientific researchers have proven that weighted blankets improve sleep while reducing stress and anxiety. Our unique combination of weighted pressure point activation with luxurious softness will bring those who experience mental or health distractions significant relief.

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Advanced weight distribution technology

Bravo Blanket’s patent pending design uses advanced weight distribution technology to evenly distribute weight and give you a gentle hug. The inner shell is engineered with a diamond pattern to confine and precisely spread hundreds of small, weighted glass beads evenly throughout the blanket.

The weighted interior applies deep pressure stimulation to activate pressure points and receptors throughout your entire body. You will never feel like you’re resting under a giant bag of shifting sand.

Proprietary blend of fabric

The outer shell of Bravo Blanket is made of an original combination of velvet and silk. As two of the world’s most exclusive and sought after materials, we included them to make the blanket cool and soft to touch — ideal for sensitive skin.

The fabric is wrinkle-free, antibacterial, lightweight, odor-resistant and very durable.


Bravo Blanket’s unique hydrophilic materials prevent sweat collection between your body and your blanket, keeping you cool. This blanket also easily absorbs sweat and moisture from your body and quickly evaporates it, so it works well for hot sleepers and those who live in warmer climates.

Because the blanket is both hydrophilic and antibacterial, it does not need frequent washing.

Variety of options

Bravo Blanket is offered in seven different colors: grey, blue, off-white, purple, red, black and green. Choose from a twin or queen size to fit your mattress or couch perfectly.

There are six different weighted options that range from 15 to 30 pounds. Your blanket should weigh around 10% of your body weight.

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