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Jump on board!

Perform your favorite warm-ups and core workout routines with the Billy BoomBoxing Board, the world’s first air-spring exercise board. This step-board, mini-trampoline hybrid combines the benefits of both platforms into one piece of equipment. Sitting six inches off the ground on top of four air-springed legs, Billy’s BoomBoxing Board promises to provide a more fun, versatile workout while reducing the impact on your joints!

Billy’s BoomBoxing Board isn’t only for workouts; it’s also an amazing platform for a standing desk, an incredible tool for physical therapy, and a source of entertainment for children — it has a place for all ages and fitness levels.

Hybrid Design

Billy’s BoomBoxing Board is the perfect size for performing a wide range of exercises. Its convenient, square-shape design allows for equal foot placement and an ideal stance while performing many exercises.

Training with Billy’s BoomBoxing Board optimizes your endurance, improves your coordination, increases your sense of balance, and boosts your overall athletic performance.

Air-cushioned Legs

The special feature and trademark of Billy’s BoomBoxing Board is its air-cushioned legs. The combination of a step-board and air-cushioned legs provides a genuine rebounding effect, in which core muscle groups are developed in a safe manner. This enables you to perform rebounding exercises and step-board exercises on the same piece of equipment.

Under pressure, the special design of the legs allows for superior shock absorption, which perfectly cushions the landing of a jump and evenly distributes pressure. Stepping, jumping and running exercises of high intensity and long duration can be performed with minimal impact on your joints.


This mini-trampoline, step-board hybrid is not only used for aerobic conditioning, but also as a standing platform, sports-specific training tool, and rehabilitation tool. Kids love using the board too!

Portability and Storability

Billy’s BoomBoxing Board can easily be carried by anyone — from adolescents to senior citizens. It’s also small enough to be stored away just as easily, as the legs can be quickly assembled or removed in under 15 seconds.


Weight limit ≈ 300 pounds

Backed by the Founder of Tae Bo

Billy Blanks, the founder of Tae Bo, has claimed that this is perhaps the most exciting fitness product he’s come across in his 40+ years of involvement in the fitness industry. He’ll be representing the product and demonstrating its uses during a world-wide rollout of his brand new BoomBoxing workout series over the next 5 months, in which he’ll be using the board at Fitness Expos across the country.

Backed by Science

Billy’s BoomBoxing Board has been scientifically tested in controlled studies by Prof. Hermann Schwameder at the Institute for Sport and Sports Science of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The results of his studies suggest that:

  • The workout will be very gentle on your joints
  • You will increase endurance and coordination
  • You will develop balance and stabilization
  • There will be an improvement in your sensory-motor functions when performing standing, running and jumping exercises

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