Bella: Your Baby’s All-In-One Smart Companion


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Bella: Your Baby’s Essential Smart Monitor

Using the latest AI Technology, Bella ensures your baby is always safe and you’re always connected.

Enjoy peace of mind and more sleep with Bella.

Keep Your Baby Safe

Bella’s unique features keep your baby safe, and its immediate smartphone alerts give you peace of mind.


  • Face Cover Detection – alerts you when your baby’s face is covered
  • Motion Detection – know when someone enters your baby’s room
  • Safe Zone Setting – pre-set an area for your crawling baby to stay within

Bella Grows With Your Baby

Keep an eye on your little ones as they begin to move, and receive alerts to your smartphone when they enter a designated ‘danger zone.’ 


  • Danger Zone Setting – designate an area you want your toddler to avoid
  • Built-in movement tracking – follow your toddler as they move around
  • 2-way communication – check on your baby with accessible video and 2-way audio
  • Temperature & Humidity Detection – monitor your baby’s environment at all times

Better Sleep For Everyone

When your baby’s cry is detected, Bella’s Soothe Assistant will automatically ease your baby back to sleep.


  • Bella’s breathing nightlight will turn on to a soft pulse to calm the baby
  • Bella will play a lullaby or a pre-recorded message from mom and dad

Never Miss a Moment

With Bella, you can check on your baby at any time from your smartphone, and listen and communicate with them from wherever you are.


  • Automatically capture photos and videos when your baby smiles, once every hour, and store them in a Baby Album
  • Use the Multi-person Authorization feature to enable guest access to family members to share your baby’s precious moments

Smartphone App

Access Bella anywhere, at anytime with the ebemate app. 


  • Control all features and functions within Bella
  • Set up alerts to your smartphone to receive notifications
  • Compatible with iOS and Andriod devices, as well as most tablets.

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