Your personal bubble of comfort

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Your own bubble of warmth

Meet your personal heating and cooling device that directs warm or cool air under your blanket to keep you comfortable. Whether you’re bundled up in bed or relaxing on the couch, BedBubble will facilitate relaxation, reduce stress and lead to a better night’s sleep.

With BedBubble, you can easily change the temperature and even set automatic shutoff timers.

Heats and cools

BedBubble can directly heat or cool your body.

The warm setting pushes warm air directly to your body under your blankets. This temperature setting will make you nice and cozy and does not require special bedding.

Conversely, turning the temperature all the way down will blow fresh ambient air to cool off and dissipate heat and sweat.

Compact base and flexible tube

BedBubble’s compact, convenient shape allows for neat storage underneath any size bed.

With a flexible tube, BedBubble gently pushes air from the base fan into the blanketed area right where you need it.

Simple operation

BedBubble is easily managed through a control panel. This navigation panel lets you change the temperature or set a timer for automatic turn off.

With this personal heating and cooling device, you can fall asleep comfortably with peace of mind.

Perfect for any room

Whether you want to use BedBubble on the couch, in your master bedroom or in your children’s space, it’s extremely portable and will fit perfectly under your bed or near your sofa.

You won’t disturb others in the room with BedBubble’s ultra-quiet, motorized fan that powers warm or cool air swiftly through the tube. This new product is perfect for those sharing a space at home or traveling.

Now available on Kickstarter!