The world’s first aquatic boot-binding system for diving and snorkeling fins

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Cutting Edge Technology

The aquabionic aquatic binding system (abs) combines high quality aquatic hybrid shoes and the most technologically advanced fin blade modules to bring you an unparalleled underwater experience. Comfortably navigate any terrain with the aquatic hybrid shoes, then easily clip on your choice of interchangeable fin blades and you’re ready to explore the ocean like never before. Diving and snorkeling never felt more natural.

Here’s What People Are Saying About aquabionic

The World’s most advanced fin technology

The Best of Both Land & Sea

The aquabionic abs is comprised of three components:

  • Aquatic hybrid shoes with specialized sole integrated binding inserts
  • Blade integrated binding clips
  • Modular fin blades to customize your diving or snorkeling activity

Technically Barefoot

Our aquatic hybrid shoes provide you with the comfort, look and performance of a high-end sports shoe and allow you to exit and enter the water with more ease than any current diving boot. Our aquatic shoes maintain the natural movement of your feet while walking on land and the natural flex of your feet when maneuvering through the water. Customize your boots with your choice of a 2/3/4mm neoprene liner to best equip your thermal insulation needs for any dive condition.

Unique Integrated Binding System

The aquabionic abs allows for hands-free step-in connection to fin blades while on hard surfaces and one-hand instant attachment while in the water, ensuring instant connection to your modular fin blades. This binding system was developed in collaboration with leading manufacturers of ski and sport shoe equipment in Austria and Germany.

Reinventing Fin Technology

aquabionic takes a natural approach to its fin blade design, harnessing strategies found in marine mammals. Using our patented, award winning warp (water adapting responsive propulsion) technology, the fin blades automatically adapt by actively optimizing the blade profile during each kick, which results in more efficient propulsion. Y-frame identical blade designs allow the release of new and improved fin blades in short succession, simultaneously introducing new hydrodynamic findings faster than the competition. Every style of blade comes with different performance parameters allowing you to customize your dive. Fin blade modules include a warp blade, warp hybrid blade, and long carbon blade.

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