Elegance and craftsmanship reimagined

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Watches designed with purpose

Amaru Lopez watches are timeless, elegant and handmade — making them truly one of a kind. Each high-precision timepiece tells a story and brings to life an emotional history that you can identify with. Amaru Lopez watches are designed for elite, fashion-forward leaders who understand that both quality and time are priceless, and they will showcase an individual’s success by simply wearing it.

It’s time to introduce a new watch option — one made with the finest materials, one that offers reliable and precise movements, and one that can tell a story for years to come.

We are launching two lines of exceptional watches that provide uniqueness and hold emotional value.

The Madera Line

The Madera Line showcases the beautiful form and elegant structure of classic Riva boats. Although these iconic boats are no longer made, the craftsmanship and voyager spirit lives on through the Madera line of Amaru Lopez watches.

The handmade Italian leather dial has a repeated embossed pattern related to the form of the Riva Boat.

Noble wooden frame

The noble wooden frame of the Madera Line is made of mahogany — the same material used for the iconic Riva boats.The wooden frame is beautifully refined, sanded and polished by hand. The Madera Line’s handmade Quartz and Automatic styles both feature a premium Italian leather strap and dial. 

The Mannequin Line

The Mannequin Line was designed out of appreciation for the fashion industry. The luxury brands we admire today wouldn’t have their high-end status without the use of mannequins and beautiful models to showcase the final products. To further emphasize the idea of notoriety and beauty, this line features a pattern that stems from the admiration of eagles; specifically the arrangement of the feathers on their wings.


Beautiful case opening 

The Automatic style of the Mannequin Line has an open case back with a cover that can be lifted to show the heart of the watch, without a button.

The Quartz and Automatic styles are both handmade with premium Italian leather straps.


Handmade and limited edition offerings

We produced 999 limited edition Madera boxes with the model Riva Boat.

This box will only be produced once.

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