The world’s first and only dynamic, customizable alphabet peg board
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For the Love of Learning
alphaTUB is a brand new learning tool that brings letters of the alphabet to life unlike any toy the world has ever seen. Designed exclusively for preschool children, each letter is represented with a range of symbols that are printed on interchangeable sheets that slide into alphaTUB’s wooden letter template. Plus, as your child progresses, they are encouraged to make their own letter symbols. The static pegboard has stood the test of time and for generations, where “A” stood just for apple. With alphaTUB, it’s time to give aardvarks, airplanes, and apes a chance to teach.

Unlock your child’s natural learning potential with a product that grows with them. alphaTUB, designed for the love of learning.

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Never Stop Learning

Take a look at how alphaTUB can help your child learn faster, better.

T is for Technology

As parents, guardians, and teachers, we always want what’s best for our children. Keeping track of their learning progress is a top priority, but can be difficult to juggle. With the alphaTUB mobile app you not only keep track and share the learning progress of your child, but also download new graphics or sheets, and even create content to share or sell on the TUB marketplace. Your kids can even draw their own content sheets to learn and share with others. With the alphaTUB mobile app, the opportunities for creation are endless for both you and your child. alphaTUB is a traditional wooden toy, power packed for leveraging the power of technology.

U is for Unique Design

The original wooden letter pegboard has been a fixture of early childhood education for decades, with each letter represented by a shape and a symbol underneath. “A” always stood for apple, “B” stood for banana and so on… but that’s where the learning stopped. Until now. alphaTUB is the world’s first and only alphabet peg board that allows parents to dynamically change the content so that “A” also represents ant, alligator, avocado and a lot more. We’ve taken a proven learning tool and created a one-of-a-kind design that lets your child make connections in a way that helps them learn faster, better, and at their own pace.

B is for Better Beginnings for Bright Future

On average, a typical two year old knows around 100 words, but present-day wooden peg boards limit them to 26. With alphaTUB, your child is immersed in a world of dynamic learning where they can create what the letters stand for as their vocabulary broadens. Simply insert any original alphaTUB sheet into the TUB slot, and watch your child’s imagination take them in new directions. You can even use the free alphaTUB mobile app to create new, personalized sheets. You’ll also be able to print out new content and use our app to track learning progress and see analytical snapshots.

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